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The term WYSIWYG is slightly misleading. It should not be taken literally. It should really be WYSIAWYG (What You See Is Almost What You Get).

Why do I think so .

- Most HTML Editors are not catching up with the advancements in HTML (such as HTML5) and browser rendering algorithms. Browsers themselves are finding it hard to catch up with advancements in HTML and CSS technologies. At the time of this writing, there is nt a single browser that supports all HTML5 features. CSS latest version also has the same incomplete support across all browsers. Let us look at other factors in detail :

Differences in Browser Interpretations

There are variations in the way different browsers interpret and render the same HTML mark up differently. Even same browsers on different platforms such as PDA, mobile devices, desktop etc. may render the same mark up differently. 

Inability to simulate User Preferences

Resolution, font size, colour, contrast etc can all be adjusted at the discretion of on online user in modern web browsers. These browsers are increasingly allowing even more user control over page appearance. It is super difficult for an online editor to simulate all types of user setting combinations. They just have to stick to one of the most common profile and render the mark up.

It is not to discouarge the usage of HTML Editors, but to to highlight that fact that there is n't a single HTML Editor out there that caters to all kinds of requirements and ensures 100% that what you see is what every one else sees with all variations in the browser and browser settings and HTML versions. 

The editor you see above is what caters to almost all of your HTML web page creation needs. So, go use this editor and create web pages. Send this link to other web designers, if you like it.


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